A Statistical New World

2/9/2012 12:00 AM

We were amused and educated by this UNC-Chapel Hill 2011 American Statistical Association video entry. Sing along -- lyrics at bottom:

(teacher) I can show you statistics
Everybody will need you
On their grant to
Interpret the statistical tests they've tried

I can open your eyes
Take you number by number
Over, p-values and under
Let the data help decide

(teacher) Election draws near
It's 48 to 52
But with a margin of 4
We need lots more
To know who our next president will be

(student) I have a question
Here's the forecast for the week
But with no rain in between
Does that mean
We're guaranteed it's pouring as we speak

(teacher)No, not even if you're Bayesian

(teacher) Chance of rain's still 21
Every day's a new event
Treat them as independent
Enjoy the greater chance of sun

(teacher) I have your test
(student) I got a 63
This is so low
Please tell me it gets better
(teacher) The mean is 42
Here is you
You'll pass the class and get into med school (student) Every test should be fair
(teacher) A common one's Pearson Chi-Square

(Both) Statistics are everywhere
With jobs to spare
gov'ment, academics, and industry

(teacher) We'll find the answer
(student) to any issue

(teacher) With tests and models
(student) p-values too

This is just a taste
Of an exciting place
For you and me.