Response to Global HIV and HCV Epidemics

11/13/2014 12:00 AM

PH 290.11 Session 12 caps the course's lecture content by recruiting three global health giants to discuss the role and responsibilities of public and private organizations in the response to the global HIV and HCV epidemics. From policy advances to facilitate access to life saving antiretrovirals for millions of patients, to challenges in regulatory infrastructure, to the rocky path for point-of-care diagnostics and treatment monitoring technologies, to the recognition that treatment is prevention and key to any containment strategy -- the lessons provided by the expansion and entrenchment of the HIV epidemic, and successes and failures in the public health response are unparalleled in the global health arena. The hesitant but nascent recognition that the HCV epidemic offers equally imperative opportunities and deserves just as strong a response is a chance to reflect on these lessons and find ways to move forward without stumbling on many of the issues already encountered in HIV. The perspectives and reflections of these three global health leaders on these topics provide an exclusive and unique window on global health and will be of great interest to the wider Berkeley, UCSF and Bay Area community.

Grounded in the work of the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research, PH 290.11 introduces Berkeley and UCSF students, visiting scholars and post-docs to the basics of drug development and regulatory policies emphasizing the role and benefit of multi-stakeholder engagement. Students and VSPA affiliates have learned how the US Food and Drug Administration responded to the public health challenge presented by the HIV and HCV epidemics by adapting regulatory policies to expedite and accelerate drug approval so that more patients could access life-prolonging and life-saving drugs. The course includes guest lecturers from the Forum's academic and biotech partners in the Bay Area. The course, taught by instructors Veronica Miller and Jur Strobos, is designed for students and postdocs interested in careers in biotech, regulatory science or federal health policy. 2014 PH 290.11 Syllabus.

Session 12 (expanded attendance) and video-taping sponsored by the Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases (CEND), Forum for Collaborative HIV Research, Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research, School of Public Health and Visiting Scholars Post-Doctoral Affairs (VSPA).